5 Ways to Prep Your Yard for a Festive Halloween

As summer comes to an end, the crisp, fall weather will be here before we know it! It’s one of our favorite times of the year, largely in part to all the fun holidays we get to celebrate. If you’re interested in having one of the best-decorated yards this Halloween (and who isn’t?) be sure to check out this list of helpful tips & tricks from our team!

1. Light Up Your Yard

One must-have for any holiday lawn decoration is lighting, and Halloween is no exception! Luckily, there are many festive lighting options to make your yard delightfully spooky. Jack-O-Lanterns and luminaries are good temporary options, but be sure to use battery operated candles to best avoid fire hazards — autumn leaves may make good fire starters in campfires, but not in your yard! Spotlights can also be utilized to point out fun lawn or stoop decorations, not to mention your home and landscape.

2. Follow a Path

Nothing will bruise some Halloween fun like tripping over decorations, so make sure your yard is free of debris and has a clear path. Fallen branches, leaves, or unlit decor could easily trip someone up! Be sure to pick up leaves and branches, remove old stumps, and fill in holes. For extra safety (and beautification) utilize solar garden lights to light your sidewalk or stepping stones.

3. Get Your Yard in Shape

Since you’re likely expecting hundreds of people to be walking or driving by your yard during October, the last thing you want is to have a poorly kept landscape. Make sure bushes and trees are trimmed, and that there aren’t any low-hanging branches that someone could walk into in the dark! If your trees and shrubs are still looking lackluster, consider a fall fertilizer and nutrient treatment.

4. Make The Most of Your Pumpkins

One of our favorite parts of Halloween is carving fun designs into pumpkins! From superheroes to flowers, to traditional toothy grins, there are options for everyone. But, if you don’t have much interest in carving a pumpkin, have no fear — there are plenty of tasty seasonal alternatives that are sure to please! From roasted cinnamon-sugar pumpkin seeds to homemade Pumpkin Pie, to one of these recipes, there is no shortage of pumpkin foods to try.

5. Break Out Your Crafty Side

Everyone has seen the Halloween decor at all the craft and party stores, and it’s likely that you’ve also seen their price tags. Who wants to pay that much for something you won’t use but once a year? Thankfully, there’s plenty of ways to decorate while not breaking the bank — and you can get the kids involved. One unique idea mentioned in the article above involves glow sticks and toilet paper tubes. Cut two eye-shaped holes in a cardboard toilet paper tube, and put a small, cracked glow stick inside-- put tape over the edges so it doesn’t fall out. Next, hide the tubes in some shrubbery, and wait for nightfall. Once it’s dark outside, it’ll seem like glowing eyes are peeking out at your from the bushes!

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