Family Picnic Locations in Pittsburgh


As the weather warms up here in Pittsburgh, it is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors with your family, including during meal time. A family picnic is a perfect way to get outside while enjoying the company of loved ones. Pittsburgh has some of the best areas for outdoor dining, including some you might not expect! Read on to learn all about some of the best family picnic locations in Pittsburgh, so you can start planning your next family outing!

Point State Park

Point State Park is 36 acres of breathtaking scenery and open air that is perfect for a family picnic. Located at the point where the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio rivers meet, this gorgeous state park provides beautiful views, a gigantic fountain, and perfectly-manicured lawns that are ideal for picnicking. Better yet, nearby walking and hiking trails allow you to turn an outdoor lunch into an exciting day-long outing in a pinch!

Riverview Park

If you have small children tagging along for your picnic adventure, you can’t go wrong with an outdoor meal at Riverview Park. This park offers more than 280 acres of sprawling scenery, an observatory, a swimming pool, a playground, and more! The kids will have a great time playing all day while the adults can take in the sights and some fresh air.

Frick Park

The famous Frick Park is named for steel industry giant Henry Frick and is a perfect place for families who are looking for a little history and culture to go along with their picnics. Aside from beautiful, sprawling lawns that make the perfect setting for munching on lunches, Frick Park also offers many other attractions that set it apart from other parks in the area. Just a few include:

  • Frick Environmental Center
  • Frick Woods Nature Reserve
  • Nine Mile Run Watershed
  • Frick Art and History Center

Your Backyard

You don’t have to pack up the entire family and trek throughout the city to find a perfect picnic location. Although getting out and about at one of Pittsburgh’s many gorgeous parks can be a thrill, sometimes the most fun can be had right in your own backyard! For a carefree and easy picnic adventure, pack up your treats, grab the kids, and head out your back door with a blanket in tow!

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