How to Care for Indoor Plants


Winter weather woes can sometimes get the best of us garden enthusiasts. But the challenge and uniqueness of growing and caring for indoor plants can be a fun way to create a distinct home environment year-round. Check out our quick how-to for caring for your indoor plants!

Know Your Plants

Picking the right color and architecture is only half the battle when it comes to choosing the right indoor plants. It’s equally as important to understand the specific needs of each variety, as their food, water, and exposure needs vary. Pay extra attention to things like environment and fertilizer requirements to ensure each plant has its essentials.


Ok, ok—not the easiest indoors, but it is doable and important for your plants’ health. Placing indoor plants in front of a window is a great start, but each variety requires a different amount and type of lighting. While some indoor plants need bright, indirect light, others might prefer hours of shade.

Size Matters

It may sound exciting to grow a 10-foot kentia palm in your living room, but is it going to be practical and functional when it’s full-grown? Having a firm understanding of your space and the size of an adult plant is an often-overlooked step when planning for indoor greenery.

Indoor Plant Pests

Even indoor plants can’t escape looming, hungry pests. That’s why it’s necessary to keep spider mites, whiteflies, and mealy bugs from snacking on your year-round foliage. If you’re simply moving a plant from outdoors, a little extra TLC and repellent are all you need. And simply check the leaves for insects or disease each time you water them to maintain healthy, vibrant indoor plants.

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