Reduce Risk for Summer Lawn Diseases in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh lawn disease prevention

Summer brings outdoor gatherings and playtime for the kids, but it can also bring ideal conditions for lawn disease. Brown patches or rings are common signs of summer lawn disease. You can reduce the risk of lawn disease in Pittsburgh with a few common practices.

Steps to Reduce the Risk of Lawn Disease

Reducing the risk for disease is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with these easy steps!

1. Mow 
You might think that mowing your grass short will be the best for the outdoor play that comes with summer fun. Mowing too short can damage the health of your lawn. You’ll want to mow at a height of 3” to provide your lawn with insulation from the heat and protect against stress.

2. Water 
During the hot summer months, your lawn can easily get dehydrated. Regular irrigation is essential to building up your lawn’s tolerance to not only disease, but also wear and tear. You should water your lawn in the early morning while there is still dew on the grass. Watering in the evening or after the dew has evaporated will prolong a damp environment for your turf which can foster disease. 

To ensure your lawn is properly watered, make sure to fix any problems with your irrigation system early! 

3. Fertilize
Too much or too little fertilizer during the summer can be detrimental to your lawn. The best way to ensure proper health is through the use of a professional lawn care company in Pittsburgh. At Custom Turf, we always make sure your lawn receives the proper levels of fertilizer throughout the year!

If you see any signs of disease in your lawn this summer, contact us. We can help you address diseases in your lawn before they become a larger problem.