Tips to Prepare Your Lawn for the Fall Season

fall lawn care tips

With summer in full swing, you may be having some trouble keeping your lawn at its best. From heat to high traffic, lawns take a serious beating in the summer months. Here at Custom Turf, we are experts, not only at summer lawn care, but at year-round lawn health! Follow these end of summer lawn care tips to prepare it for the fall season!

Keeping Summer Grass Strong

1. Watering

While it may seem like giving grass all the water you can is ideal in summer months, proper, regulated watering is extremely important for healthy grass! Even during the harsh heat of summer, lawns should receive 1 to 1 ½ inches of water each week. By giving your lawn a deep water once a week, it helps your grass stay strong and healthy.

2. Fertilizer

Since healthy grass starts with healthy roots, it’s important to incorporate a few fertilizer applications throughout the season. This will help strengthen the root system, allowing your grass to grow stronger and stand tougher against the weather and traffic.

3. Mowing

Another important part of lawn care is proper mowing. While too tall grass can block nutrients and moisture from reaching roots, grass that’s cut too short leaves roots vulnerable to the harsh sun. Set a regular mowing schedule to avoid grass getting too tall and cutting grass too short. When you mow, be sure to also leave the clippings behind, rather than bagging them up for disposal. As long as the covering isn’t too thick, clippings provide great nutrients to the soil as they break down.

4. Insect and Disease Defense

While proper lawn care will help keep grass strong, correct assessment and treatment of lawn diseases from damaging insects will keep it protected. Although there are some DIY options on the market, treatments like this are best handled by a professional that understands your lawn’s unique needs.

Expert Care For Your Healthiest Lawn

If you value a healthy lawn as much as we do, you know how much hard work it is to maintain one. Here at Custom Turf, we make it our business to give our customers the healthiest lawn possible. With years of experience, our technicians can identify any problem area and develop a treatment and growth plan to give you your greenest, healthiest lawn yet!

Would you rather spend time enjoying your green lawn than sweating in the summer sun taking care of it?

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