They Hide, We Seek.

Perimeter Pest Control in Jefferson Hills Township

At Custom Turf, we have kept homes in Jefferson Hills Township pest-free for nearly three decades, and in that time we have learned exactly how to take care of pest problems in this area. The trick is to create an invisible barrier around your home to keep bugs like ants, spiders, centipedes, moles, and others outside of your home where they belong.

Our Perimeter Pest Control in Jefferson Hills Township Includes:

Pest Control Mosquito Control 

If you’re worried about bugs making their way into your home, the professionals at Custom Turf are here to help. The key to keeping your pest problems under control is to ensure that bugs can’t make it into your home in the first place! Our trained technicians have the skills and knowledge to keep pests out all year long. 

Year Round Protection to Keep Your Home Pest-Free

With our seasonal, year-round treatments, you can be sure that Custom Turf is protecting your home all year long. Our perimeter pest control treatments in Jefferson Hills Township will keep bugs from getting inside your home, stopping infestations before they even begin.

Moles are tricky to get rid of, but our highly skilled technicians in Jefferson Hills Township can help evict moles from your property and keep them from causing further damage to your lawn.

Turn to Our Expert Technicians for Peace of Mind 

We pride ourselves on having the most qualified and well-trained technicians who have a passion for keeping your family safe from pests. Our experts are trained on the latest perimeter pest control techniques and solutions, so they know the best course of action to take specifically for your home. We take the time to truly understand your concerns and take action quickly so you can enjoy your home again without fear.

Rest Easy with Our Effective Pest Solutions

If you’re worried about pests in your Jefferson Hills Township home, don’t delay any longer. Our team can keep your home pest-free for good. 

Want to learn more about how you can keep your home pest-free? Contact us for a free estimate for our pest control services!

Mosquito Control in Jefferson Hills Township

Mosquitos may be small but when they invade your yard they can cause big problems. Between itching, swatting, and the possibility of transmitting disease, it’s understandable to crave some relief, and Custom Turf is here to help! Our effective mosquito control in Jefferson Hills Township is designed to offer lasting relief, and includes:

  • A free inspection of your property -  We’ll send one of our skilled technicians out free of charge to determine the extent of your problem and get a better understanding of where mosquitoes may be breeding.
  • Effective treatments - Our treatments target and eliminate mosquitoes at the source, restoring your mosquito-free yard in no time.
  • Lasting results - By utilizing recurring treatments we are able to keep your outdoor spaces mosquito free all season long.

Do you have a birthday party, barbeque, or other outdoor special occasion coming up? We offer a one-time treatment that will help keep mosquitoes off your guest list! This customized treatment will last throughout the entire event — keeping your guests protected and happy. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your good time, contact us today to schedule your one-time mosquito control treatment!

Ready for a free estimate on your Jefferson Hills Township mosquito control needs? Contact us today!