Keep Pests From Making Your Home Their Haven

If you have concerns about bugs making their way into your home, perimeter pest control from Custom Turf can put your mind at ease. We know the key to keeping pests from invading your home is to ensure that they can’t get inside in the first place. That’s why we utilize the latest technology, the best techniques, and the most effective treatments in the industry – so you can enjoy a bug-free home for good. Get peace of mind today!

Perimeter Pest Control in Peters Township

For nearly three decades, we have been dedicated to keeping Peters Township homes insect-free through perimeter pest control treatments. Our treatments are specially designed to keep pesky pests from getting inside your home. To accomplish this, our expert technicians will create an invisible barrier around your home to keep the bugs outside where they belong. You can rest assured that we will keep your home and family safe from many local insects, including:

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Centipedes
  • Moles
  • ...and more!

Expert technicians you can trust

When you call in the Custom Turf team to take care of your pest control worries, you can be confident that our expertly trained staff will keep the bugs at bay. We will carefully inspect the exterior of your home for pests and employ the very best perimeter pest control treatments to keep them out.

Keep bugs out for good with preventative measures

To keep your home pest-free no matter the season, you have to stay vigilant. That’s why we employ the very best perimeter pest control services in Peters Township, creating an invisible wall around your home that bugs just can’t cross. This will keep your home bug-free for the long term so you can enjoy your house without the unwanted company.

Our highly trained technicians can also help with mole problems! Moles are a tricky pest to get rid of, but our experienced technicians in Peters Township can help you say goodbye to moles and keep them from causing further damage to your lawn.

Gain peace of mind with a bug-free home

Don’t let bugs make you feel uncomfortable in your own home. Instead, get peace of mind with our comprehensive perimeter pest control treatments that will keep bugs out of your home all year long. The experts at Custom Turf will ensure your home stays pest-free, and your family stays safe.

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