Get peace of mind knowing your trees are healthy and cared for!

We know that maintaining your trees and shrubs requires considerable effort. But with pests, diseases, and other threats putting your landscape at risk on a continual basis, your trees and shrubs need regular care. Here at Custom Turf, we give your trees the nutrients and protection required to prevent damage while helping them thrive. Our tailored approach to tree and shrub care in Fox Chapel will increase your curb appeal, giving you a landscape your whole family will enjoy.

Tree and Shrub Care in Fox Chapel

At Custom Turf, we have spent decades creating gorgeous landscapes for customers in Pennsylvania. During that time, we've learned that the needs of plants can vary widely from property to property. Our expert technicians have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of trees and shrubs in Fox Chapel. We begin with a careful inspection of your property to determine the particular needs of your landscape. Then we follow-up by developing a customized treatment plan to address those concerns. As a result, you get a landscape you can take pride in all year.

Love Your Landscape From Season to Season

When you choose tree and shrub care in Fox Chapel from Custom Turf, your plants get the treatments needed for continued growth and developmentā€“as well as protection from insect infestation and fungal diseases. Every 4 to 6 weeks, our expert technicians will implement our 6-step treatment program, which includes:

  • Slow-release fertilizer treatments
  • Systemic insect control injections
  • Horticultural oil treatments
  • Integrated pest management
  • And more!

Trust Our Expert Technicians

We know that you have spent time and effort maintaining your trees and shrubs to spruce up your lawn and increase your curb appeal. Our specialists are here to help ensure that your landscape stays vibrant and lush. Our tree and shrub care in Fox Chapel is tailored uniquely to your lawn because your happiness is our priority!

Want healthy trees and shrubs all year? Get a free estimate today!