How to Prepare Your Lawn for Spring

Enjoying a green and lush lawn during Pittsburgh’s summertime is the best feeling...but, achieving a beautiful lawn doesn’t happen overnight. It requires proper TLC, especially during spring! If you want to enjoy a healthy and beautiful lawn in warmer months, consider these tips to prepare your lawn for the spring season:

1. Control Lawn Weeds

Lawn weeds are a common problem for many homeowners in the Pittsburgh area. Whether you are dealing with broadleaf weeds or crabgrass patches, these unwanted weeds can quickly take over your yard. Take the proper steps to control and prevent weeds this spring to reduce weed pressure in the summer!

2. Fertilize

Revive your tired lawn by giving it the energy it needs to grow thick and healthy this season. Fertilizer is the best way to provide your lawn with essential nutrients and minerals. Select a fertilizer based on your grass variety and soil’s pH. Not sure what fertilizer is best for your lawn? Your local lawn professionals at Custom Turf can help!

3. Irrigate

Give your lawn the hydration it needs to grow strong during spring months. Water your lawn with an irrigation system and know when the best time to water is. For many lawns, the best time to water is early-morning when absorption is the greatest. Just like too little water is harmful, so is too much water, so take time to determine the most effective irrigation routine!

4. Mow Higher

As you start to cut your grass, make sure to mow higher than normal during the springtime. Keeping grass blades higher is smart during this time of the year to create a barrier against future weed growth. As well as mowing higher, you’ll also want to mow more frequently.

Take the Hard Work Out of Lawn Care

Ready for a beautiful lawn without lifting a finger? Here at Custom Turf, we have the knowledge and expertise to give our customers the healthiest lawn possible. With years of experience, we’ll help you achieve the greenest, healthiest lawn of your dreams!

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