Are Your Trees and Shrubs Getting the Care They Need?

Don't settle for a yard that you don’t love. Our professional technicians in Pennsylvania will beautify and protect your trees and shrubs so you can delight in a full, vibrant landscape year-round.

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Tree and Shrub Care in Pennsylvania

It’s easy to overlook the specific needs of your trees and shrubs when your life gets busy. However, your landscape goes a long way in making a great first impression with friends and neighbors, so it’s important to give it the care it needs. At Custom Turf, we designed a 6-step treatment program based on our extensive knowledge of tree and shrub care in Pennsylvania. The result is a beautiful landscape your whole family can enjoy!

Take Pride in a Stunning, Lush Landscape

Custom Turf's tree and shrub care program consists of a 6-step treatment that provides superior root growth, color, flowering potential, and insect and disease resistance. Our experienced technicians use the highest quality products and treatments to give you a landscape you’ll love. 

We will visit your home every four to six weeks for the following applications to your trees and shrubs:

  • Early Spring: Systemic insect control injections and horticultural oil treatment, which protects your trees and shrubs from leaf miners, mites, and scale.
  • Late Spring, Early and Late Summer: Integrated pest management, which includes a thorough inspection of your landscape for signs of insect problems and disease, as well as selectively spraying ornamental trees to correct and prevent any existing or future problems.
  • Fall: Slow-release fertilizer treatment, injection of micronutrients into root zones, keeping your landscape strong and healthy throughout the entire year.

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Expert Care You Can Count On

Here at Custom Turf, we are committed to excellence. Our educated, courteous technicians take a preventative approach to protecting your ornamentals against disease and other issues. Your satisfaction is our number one priority – that is why we make sure to always return your phone calls as soon as possible. We proudly offer our tree and shrub care services to the residents in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, including:

You deserve a home you're proud of. With our tree and shrub care services, you can enjoy your backyard in every season! Get a free quote for tree and shrub care today!

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