Preventing Pests From Getting in For Over 30 Years

Here at Custom Turf, we know the key to keeping your home pest-free is to prevent bugs from getting inside in the first place. Our expertise is why our customers trust our perimeter pest control services to protect their homes and families in Pennsylvania. Our technicians create an invisible barrier of defense outside your home, keeping insects where they belong!

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Keep Pests Out with Our Perfected Prevention

Since 1987, the Custom Turf team has kept our customers' homes pest-free and protected. Our years of experience in the industry have taught us that most insects get initially drawn to the lawn and landscape of your home. Therefore, the best way to prevent an infestation is to stop pests from finding a way inside. Our pest control treatments target a 6 x 8-foot-wide path around the exterior of your home. Because we treat the outside of your house, you don't even have to arrange to be home for the treatment!

Year-Round Protection from Pests 

We designed our four-step perimeter pest control service to create an invisible barrier around the exterior of your home to prevent pests. Our technicians will service your home four times a year to prevent common pests in the area, such as:

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Centipedes
  • Grubs
  • Flies
  • And more!

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Your Satisfaction is our Number One Priority 

Our commitment to excellence includes educating our team on the most effective and up-to-date pest control solutions in Pennsylvania. We commit to keeping your home pest-free so that you and your family can live in peace. Here at Custom Turf, communication is an important part of our process, and your satisfaction is our number one priority. We’ll always get back to you as soon as we can!

Areas We Service Near Pittsburgh

We offer our perimeter pest control services throughout southwest Pennsylvania, including: