Providing Premier Core Aeration For Over 30 Years

Keeping your turf green and lush can be difficult with all the foot traffic in warmer months, not to mention exposure to natural elements year-round. Over time and with use, soil becomes compacted—this makes it difficult for air, nutrients, and water to permeate the roots of your grass. Core aeration involves removing small plugs of soil from your lawn, all to improve the resiliency and cushioning of your turf with the addition of these nutrients!

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Restore Your Lawn with Core Aeration

As a locally owned company since 1987, we know what the weather in Western Pennsylvania is truly like. That's why we centered our core aeration treatment around fall, which is the time of year grass grows the most. Providing aeration in the fall brings you a healthier-looking lawn in the winter, as well as an easier-to-maintain lawn come springtime! This is because the small plugs promote oxygen, water, and seeding to properly reach your grass' roots, making for a beautiful, healthy lawn all year long!

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Reap the Benefits of Core Aeration

Soil can become compacted due to many reasons, such as temperature, mowing, and simply moving around in your yard. Since this pushes the soil and clay closer to the ground, it makes it harder for your grass' roots to grow. This is why aeration is imperative to a healthy, lush lawn!

When you add core aeration to your recurring lawn services, your lawn will:

  • Absorb more nutrients, water, fertilizer, and sunlight
  • Have more strength against lawn disease and weeds
  • Promote natural root growth
  • Resist against extreme temperature, drought, and pest problems

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Areas We Service in Western PA 

Custom Turf has been providing the best lawn care and core aeration services for over 30 years. We provide our services to the greater Pittsburgh area, which includes: