Over 30 Years of Creating Beautiful Lawns in Greensburg

Lawn Care in Greensburg

Looking for a way to have a beautiful lawn but don’t know where to start? The professionals at Custom Turf are here to help! With over 3 decades providing lawn care in Greensburg, you can trust our team to make your lawn its best! All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the landscape of your dreams. 

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Lawn Care in Greensburg

A well-manicured landscape is one of the most high-maintenance aspects of your home, and it also increases the value of your property. Maintaining a yard during each season ensures a solid home value, excellent curb appeal, and year-long enjoyment outdoors. At Custom Turf, we are well-trained to create customized, season-specific treatment plans to keep your lawn looking luscious and beautiful year long! With weed control, seasonal fertilizer, and outdoor pest treatments, we provide you with the best lawn care in Greensburg; this way, you’ll have the yard of your dreams, no matter what season! 

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Customized, Family-Friendly Treatments

At Custom Turf, we understand that no two lawns are the same — the overall landscape and the vegetation within it varies from home to home. We proudly offer year-long customized lawn care treatment plans to ensure that your lawn is getting the specific care it needs during each season of the year. 

When you choose Custom Turf for your lawn care in Greensburg, you can expect:

  • Customized treatment applications using only the highest quality products and custom blends of fertilizer to ensure your lawn’s specific needs are met 
  • Season-specific fertilizer, targeted weed control, and pest control every four to six weeks in order to keep your lawn looking its best throughout the year
  • Family-friendly products, so your family and pets are safe!
  • Expert advise on keeping your lawn beautiful all year long

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Trust in 30+ Years of Experience

With 30+ years in the business, we are well-equipped to tackle any lawn maintenance task. We only use the best family-friendly lawn care products, customized to ensure your lawn is receiving the nutrients it needs for optimum growth. Partner with us for lawn care in Greensburg, and turn your dream landscape into reality.