Lawn Care

Enjoy your yard without the hassle. Our lawn care services are just what you need to get the beautiful, green grass you’ve been looking for.Learn more

Perimeter Pest Control

Keeping your home safe is a top priority. Protect your family from common pests like ants, spiders, and centipedes in Pennsylvania with our perimeter pest control service. Learn more

Superior Landscape Lighting

Highlight the beauty and architecture of your home while adding to its safety with our customized landscape lighting installation and repair services. Learn more

Mosquito Control

Our recurring mosquito, tick, and flea treatments will help reduce pests in your lawn all season long!Learn more

Core Aeration

As a locally owned lawn care company since 1987, we know what the weather in Western Pennsylvania is truly like. That's why we centered our core lawn aeration treatment around fall, which is the...Learn more

Tree & Shrub Care

Your trees and shrubs add to the beauty of your overall landscape. We help your landscape reach its full potential, resulting in a vibrant landscape you can enjoy year-round.Learn more

Mole Control in Pennsylvania

Nothing is more upsetting as a homeowner than watching your lawn be taken over by moles. These critters can quickly turn your beautiful investment into piles of dirt so it is important to know...Learn more

Additional Services

Your yard should be cared for all year long. Our additional services will keep your grass lush and beautiful by protecting it from natural damage. We provide core aeration, pelletized limestone, and disease control treatments in addition to our lawn services.Learn more