Superior Sprinkler Installation and Repair in Western Pennsylvania

Inadequate watering keeps your landscape from looking its best. A professionally installed automatic sprinkler system is the best way to maintain the healthy, green lawn you’ve been after. Our sprinkler system installation and repair services in Pennsylvania keep your property healthy and hydrated.

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Knowledgeable Professionals You Can Trust

At Custom Turf, we understand how important a professional sprinkler system is to a beautiful landscape. That's why our sprinkler designers have been certified by the Irrigation Association and professionally trained to design a sprinkler system that will meet your lawn and landscape's specific needs. Our experienced installation crew uses the newest equipment and most advanced techniques to create the least amount of soil disturbance. We help you maintain a healthy, green lawn with expert irrigation installation and repair in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. 

Expert Irrigation Maintenance

We don't expect you to know how to take maintain your sprinkler system—that's what we're here for! Custom Turf is contracted with a master plumber to ensure all connections to your home’s main water line are expertly installed. We also provide a zone chart containing calculated run times to reduce insufficient or wasted watering practices. Last but not least, we provide backflow testing, as a few municipalities in Western Pennsylvania require that irrigation backflow devices be tested annually. As a result, your lawn is left as neat as it was before the installation. 

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Timely Repairs if Necessary  

By only using the highest quality Rain Bird Sprinkler Systems with sprinkler head placement that creates an even precipitation, we ensure that you end up with a properly hydrated lawn that you don't have to take care of—that means the hardware, too! If you have a broken sprinkler head, a problem with your controller, or just something that isn’t functioning properly, give Custom Turf a call, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We service all brands of irrigation components, including: