Lawn Care in Pittsburgh

At Custom Turf, we've been dedicated to serving homeowners since 1987. We base our expert lawn care in Pittsburgh on a proactive approach that prevents issues with weeds, disease, and other elements that are harmful to grass. We maintain your yard by incorporating a variety of lawn care services in Pittsburgh to give you the perfect lawn year-round! 

Lawn Care in Pittsburgh

Weeds, pests, and lawn diseases can wreak havoc on your lawn if you aren't prepared or don't have the knowledge or tools to keep your lawn healthy. Our skilled Pittsburgh lawn care technicians visit your home every 4-6 weeks to target these lawn care problems, using only the very best products and techniques in the business. We take special care to use products that are family- and pet-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about your loved ones or the environment. 

Our Pittsburgh lawn care program includes the following applications:

  • Sustained fertilizer, broadleaf weed control and crabgrass treatment in the spring
  • Preventative grub control, broadleaf weed control, and insect control in the summer
  • Fertilization and heavy winterizer for faster spring green-up during the fall 

With year-round lawn care, your Pittsburgh lawn will be the best-looking turf on the block! Our lawn care experts will help you take care of your lawn all year long!

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As one of the most qualified lawn care companies in the industry, we know the value of educating our team. Our highly trained Pittsburgh lawn care technicians know the most advanced strategies and techniques for creating and maintaining lawns.

We always add a "personal touch" to your lawn service. Not only will you get our complete and undivided attention, but you can also expect our technicians to always take special care to clean up, leaving your yard neat and tidy. After all, your satisfaction is very important to us – that's why you always receive a return phone call as soon as possible.

With our 4.9 average rating on Google+, so you can rest assured that we offer effective and reliable services that will give you the beautiful lawn of your dreams!

“We liked the service we received from Jerry. He was very thorough in the lawn application and information when we asked a question. He did not do a “rush” job.

- Bonita W. 

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Tree & Shrub Care in Pittsburgh

Are you eager to have the lawn you’ve always wanted but just can’t find the time to put in the work? With all of the responsibilities of everyday life, it’s easy for landscaping to fall behind on your list of priorities. You can count on Custom Turf to care for your landscape year-round! Our highly trained Pittsburgh lawn care technicians are here to turn your lawn dreams into reality!

Personalized Treatment Programs 

When you partner with Custom Turf for your tree and shrub care in Pittsburgh, you will receive nothing but the highest quality care and products. Our specialized treatment programs aid your trees and shrubs in root growth, color, flowering potential, and insect and disease prevention. 

We will treat your landscape with personalized applications to enhance the health of the trees and shrubs in your yard. These applications include:

  • Insect control injections and horticultural oil treatments, protecting your trees and shrubs from leaf miners, mites, and scale.
  • Inspection and spraying of your trees and shrubs to prevent insect damage and disease.
  • Fertilization applications, which include the use of the best slow-release fertilizers in the industry.
  • Micronutrient injections into roots to keep your trees and shrubs sturdy throughout the year.

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Lawn Aeration in Pittsburgh

With over 30 years of experience servicing homes in the Pittsburgh area, we have the knowledge and experience your lawn needs to thrive all year long. With our fall core aeration services, your lawn will not only look healthier in the winter, but it will become much easier to maintain in the spring!

Reap the Benefits of Lawn Aeration

Fall is a high growth period for your grass, so it’s important to reap the benefits. Aeration will take advantage of this growing season and give your lawn the nutrients it needs to yield a fuller lawn in the springtime.

When you add seasonal aeration to your Pittsburgh lawn care package, these benefits include:

  • Alleviating compacted soil: Walking, playing, and moving around on the lawn can force the grass to grow in the subsoil, which contains higher clay content and will put stress on your lawn. Aeration will help alleviate this and naturally prevent disease and weeds!
  • Enhancing nutrient uptake: Removes blocked soil, allowing nutrients such as water, air, fertilizer, and seeding to reach the roots. It also can improve the depth of the roots, allowing the grass to dig down deeper — which means less watering for you!
  • Improving the overall health of your lawn: With repeated treatment from our Pittsburgh lawn experts, lawns will be healthy enough to resist threats such as extreme temps, drought, or pest problems. 

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Perimeter Pest Control in Pittsburgh

Don't let bugs and other pests make you feel uncomfortable in your own home. Here at Custom Turf, we know that the best way to keep your home pest-free is not to let them get inside to begin with. We have the most advanced techniques designed to kick pests to the curb and prevent them from coming back.

Custom Turf's expert technicians will create an invisible barrier around the exterior of your home to prevent them from gaining entry. Ants, spiders, centipedes, moles, and other creepy crawlers are no match for our treatments. 

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Family and Pet-Friendly Treatments for Your Peace of Mind

Four times a year, our Pittsburgh pest control technicians will visit your home to eliminate common pests. Your family's safety is important to us. Perimeter pest control focuses on the exterior of your home, away from children and pets. In addition, we use family- and pet-friendly products, so you don't have to worry about your loved ones when getting rid of creepy crawlies.

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Mosquito Control in Pittsburgh

Whether you’re hosting a backyard get-together or just playing fetch with your dog, you don’t want pesky mosquitoes to ruin your outdoor fun! Keep your family and your guests protected from these biting insects with our recurring mosquito control treatments. 

When you call Custom Turf for mosquito control in Pittsburgh, you can expect:

  • One of our friendly, highly-trained technicians will arrive promptly at your home and start by inspecting your property and determining the best course of action.
  • From there, we’ll treat your property and offer our best advice for making the most of our treatments.
  • Recurring treatments to keep your you and yard protected.

With our mosquito control in Pittsburgh, there’s no need to coat yourself in oily, smelly bug spray just to enjoy a few moments in your own backyard! Custom Turf's team of experts is here to help you make the most of your summer.

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Flea & Tick Control in Pittsburgh

Nothing beats spending time outdoors with your loved ones on summer or fall nights! Unfortunately, Pennsylvania has one of the highest rates of Lyme disease in the country, making professional tick control in Pittsburgh more important than ever. Much like ticks, fleas can also threaten the health of you, your family, living in your yard or on your pets. Protect your family from the dangers of fleas and ticks season with our seasoned flea and tick control services in Pittsburgh!

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Mole Control in Pittsburgh

Moles burrow underground and can cause serious damage to your lawn. Moles create tunnels beneath your yard in search for food, shelter, and areas to breed. Not only are they destructive, but they are also notoriously difficult to remove. Because of this, handling a mole problem requires extreme skill and experience, making it difficult for homeowners to treat on their own. Our highly trained technicians can help evict moles from your property and keep them from causing damage in the future! 

The signs of a mole infestation include:

  • Small mounds or hills of dirt
  • Clearly defined tunnels
  • Raised ridges in your turf
  • Small animals with a pointed snout and large claws

If you have a mole problem in your lawn, let our team of professionals take care of your problem from start to finish. When you partner with Custom Turf for mole control, we will provide a thorough inspection of your yard, evaluate the severity of your current mole infestation, and implement the best treatment plan to restore your lawn back to health in no time!

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Landscape Lighting Installation & Repair in Pittsburgh

At Custom Turf, we know that the right landscape lighting can transform your property. For that reason, we employ a variety of special lighting techniques with our outdoor lighting services in Pittsburgh. During our first visit, we will work with you to develop a strategic plan to address your lighting needs while exceeding your expectations. Then we'll complete the installation, keeping you informed along the way. Unique designs and superior service are the foundations of our business.

Improve the Functionality of Your Yard

When you add landscape lighting to your home in Pittsburgh, it allows you to use your outdoor spaces after dark. With zone lighting, you will be able to enjoy your deck, sitting areas, and other recreational spaces well into the night without interruption. Whether you want to throw a party or spend a private evening with family, you'll have more opportunities with the right lighting design.

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Make Safety and Security a Priority

A well-lit exterior will protect your family and visitors from harm by allowing them to navigate safely at night. Outdoor lighting is also an excellent way to deter burglars and crime at your Pittsburgh home, revealing dark areas where a person could hide. When people see your professional lighting, your home will appear well-maintained. The more lights, the safer you will feel outdoors.

Sprinkler System Installation & Repair in Pittsburgh

A beautiful landscape adds value to your property, but it requires careful maintenance to look its best. At Custom Turf, we know the secret to a healthy, green yard is a professional sprinkler system. Our professionally trained sprinkler technicians are certified by the Irrigation Association. They'll design the perfect system for the grass at your home to thrive. Plus, when you count on our sprinkler system installation and repair services, your sprinkler will disperse the right amount of water to irrigate your lawn. That means you won't waste money on unnecessary watering.

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A Lush Lawn Without the Work

At Custom Turf, we believe in making lawn maintenance as hassle-free as possible. With our Pittsburgh sprinkler systems, there's no more dragging a hose all over the yard so that the lawn is evenly watered. You won't even have to worry about watering the lawn when you're away. Even our installation services are worry-free! Because our crew installs your sprinkler using the newest equipment and most advanced techniques, there's minimal soil disturbance, ensuring your lawn looks just as neat when we leave as it was when we arrived!

Maintain the Lawn of Your Dreams

It's time to put away your hose and enjoy the benefits of our Pittsburgh sprinkler systems. To ensure your lawn looks lush and green, we use only the highest quality Rain Bird Sprinkler Systems, with sprinkler head placement that creates an even precipitation. Save time and conserve water with a professional irrigation system from Custom Turf!

What about backflow testing? The Custom Turf team is certified to test all irrigation backflow devices. A few municipalities in Western Pennsylvania require that irrigation backflow devices be tested annually. You don't have to worry about this when you trust our professional irrigation team!

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Hassle-Free Services & Quality Results!

Your life is busy. Don't spend your well-earned free time caring for your lawn when we can do it for you. Our quality customer services and competitive prices mean that you can get a spectacular-looking lawn in no time without putting in the effort. When you partner with us for your lawn care in Pittsburgh, we work together to make your lawn an oasis for you, your family, and your guests. Let us help you get the perfect lawn!

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