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We always use the best products available and employ highly experienced technicians to give you the best results.

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We will always be there for you! We guarantee to follow up on any call as soon as possible to make sure you receive the best service in a timely manner.

Lawn Care in Greentree, PA

Bare spots, brown patches, and stubborn weeds are all common problems that are tricky to fix on your own. Picking the wrong fertilizer or weed killer can make things even harder. To take the guesswork out of yard work, trust our lawn care in Greentree. We offer custom solutions, year-round visits, and have over 30 years of experience, so you can feel confident you’re in the right hands. Get started today with a free quote for our lawn care service!

Our lawn care program includes:

  • Fertilizer applications to promote growth and color.
  • Pre-emergent solutions to stop crabgrass from sprouting.
  • Broadleaf weed control to target unwanted growth like dandelions.
  • Grub control to eliminate surface-feeding insects.
  • Custom Turf’s Water Guard for better water retention.
  • High-potassium applications to prep your lawn for winter.

See Results with Customized Lawn Care Treatments

If you’re looking for the best lawn care company in Greentree, look no further than Custom Turf! We take the time to understand your property’s needs by looking for problem areas, identifying your grass type, and listening to any concerns you have. Then, we create a treatment plan that’s unique to you. This is how we give you great results every time!

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Mole Control in Greentree, PA

Moles can quickly destroy your lawn, leaving behind ridges and mounds of soil as they burrow underground. They can also damage the root systems of your grass, trees, and shrubs. To stop these critters from ruining all your hard work, trust our mole control in Greentree. We work quickly to remove moles and preserve your lawn.

When you partner with us for mole control, we will:

  • Inspect your property for signs of mole activity.
  • Create a custom treatment plan based on our findings and any concerns you have.
  • Eliminate the infestation using family-friendly, pet-safe treatments.
  • Help restore your lawn to its previous condition, offering lawn care services as needed.

Tree and Shrub Care in Greentree, PA

Transform your landscape with our expert tree and shrub care in Greentree. Our comprehensive six-step treatment program will bring out the best in your trees and shrubs, giving you a vibrant and beautiful landscape that your whole family will love. Trust in over 36 years of experience to enhance and protect your outdoor space.

When you partner with us for tree and shrub care in Greentree, you can expect:

  • Treatments that encourage healthy root development. 
  • Experience magnificent blooms and vibrant foliage with our specialized care.
  • Protection of your trees and shrubs from harmful pests and diseases.
  • Recurring treatments for year-round enjoyment!

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Perimeter Pest Control in Greentree, PA

Keep your home pest-free with our highly effective perimeter pest control service in Greentree. Our expert technicians know the key to preventing bugs from invading your home is to stop them outside in the first place. Don't let pests ruin your peace of mind! Take advantage of our perimeter pest control service and remove pesky pests from your lawn and home in Greentree.

Our perimeter pest control in Greentree includes: 

  • Creating an invisible barrier around your home to prevent common pests such as ants, spiders, centipedes, flies, and more from entering your living space.
  • Year-round protection with four treatments a year to ensure year-round perimeter control. 
  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure your home remains pest-free.
  • And more! 

Local Experts You Can Trust 

Custom Turf has been keeping homes pest-free since 1987. Trust our years of experience and expertise to provide effective pest control solutions for your home. Say goodbye to outdoor pests and hello to a pest-free lifestyle with Custom Turf's perimeter pest control service in Greentree.

Lawn Aeration in Greentree, PA

Revitalize your lawn with our professional core aeration service in Greentree. Experience the power of healthier turf, quick results, and long-lasting treatments. Let us create a nurturing environment for your grass to thrive and impress. Say goodbye to compacted soil and hello to a lush, resilient lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Benefits of aeration service in Greentree include:

  • Promotes amazing turf health.
  • See quick and lasting results. 
  • Say goodbye to patchy grass and brown spots. 
  • Embrace deeper nutrient release. 

The Best Customer Service

Taking care of your lawn doesn’t have to be difficult. Sit back, relax, and let our lawn care technicians take care of everything! Our team is highly trained on the best products and practices in the industry, ensuring you get quality service every time. We also have fast response times, so you never have to wait by the phone for a call back. Contact us today! 


5 Star Review

We've had this service for a few treatments, the yard is completely weed free. We're now working on getting our grass back to where we want it. Our service tech Matt helped set us on a plan to get our yard how we want. He always does a great service, and we appreciate the communication from the techs on the progress of our plan.

Christopher M
5 Star Review

We have been using Custom Turf for the past 10 years for our lawn treatment and sprinkler system. They always call to schedule appointments to winterize and to start up our sprinkler system - which takes one item off of my list to handle! They keep us on their regular schedule for lawn maintenance as well. Their staff is always friendly on the phone and their specialists are very polite as well. I give them two thumbs up!!

Lori Brucker
5 Star Review

Have used them for several years for pest and weed control and have always been pleased. This year had them install a sprinkler system and am just as pleased with the job they did.

WVU Phan

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