Ready to Shine a Light on Your Landscape?

By illuminating the outside of your home, you can enhance its beauty. With our outdoor lighting installation in Pittsburgh, you'll love the way we accentuate the features of your landscape while allowing you to navigate your property safely after nightfall. Isn't it time to take your home to the next level?

Landscape Lighting Installation & Repair in Pittsburgh

At Custom Turf, we know that the right landscape lighting can transform your property. For that reason, we employ a variety of special lighting techniques with our outdoor lighting services in Pittsburgh. During our first visit, we will work with you to develop a strategic plan to address your lighting needs while exceeding your expectations. Then we'll complete the installation, keeping you informed along the way. Unique designs and superior service are the foundations of our business.

Improve the functionality of your yard

When you add landscape lighting to your home in Pittsburgh, it allows you to use your outdoor spaces after dark. With zone lighting, you will be able to enjoy your deck, sitting areas, and other recreational spaces well into the night without interruption. Whether you want to throw a party or spend a private evening with family, you'll have more opportunities with the right lighting design.

Make safety and security a priority

A well-lit exterior will protect your family and visitors from harm by allowing them to navigate safely at night. Outdoor lighting is also an excellent way to deter burglars and crime at your Pittsburgh home, revealing dark areas where a person could hide. When people see your professional lighting, your home will appear well-maintained. The more lights, the safer you will feel outdoors.

Are you ready to have your home at its full potential?

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