Is Your Lawn Getting the Hydration it Needs?

Without proper watering, your lawn can become dry and damaged. A great yard starts with a great sprinkler. Our sprinkler system installation and repair systems in Pittsburgh ensure your grass and vegetation get just the right level of moisture they need. As a result, your landscape will respond with vigorous and healthy growth from season to season.

Sprinkler System Installation & Repair in Pittsburgh

A beautiful landscape adds value to your property, but it requires careful maintenance to look its best. At Custom Turf, we know the secret to a healthy, green yard is a professional sprinkler system. Our professionally-trained sprinkler technicians are certified by the Irrigation Association. They'll design the perfect system for the grass at your home in Western PA to thrive. Plus, when you count on our sprinkler system installation and repair services, your sprinkler will disperse the right amount of water to irrigate your lawn. That means you won't waste money on unnecessary watering.

A Lush Lawn Without the Work

At Custom Turf, we believe in making lawn maintenance as hassle-free as possible. With our Pittsburgh sprinkler systems, there's no more dragging a hose all over the yard so that the lawn is evenly watered. You won't even have to worry about watering the lawn when you're away. Even our installation services are worry-free! Because our crew installs your sprinkler using the newest equipment and most advanced techniques, there's minimal soil disturbance – ensuring your lawn looks just as neat when we leave as it was when we arrived!

Maintain the Lawn of Your Dreams

It's time to put away your hose and enjoy the benefits of our Pittsburgh sprinkler systems. To ensure your lawn looks lush and green, we use only the highest quality Rain Bird Sprinkler Systems–with sprinkler head placement that creates an even precipitation. Save time and conserve water with a professional irrigation system from Custom Turf!

What about backflow testing? The Custom Turf team is certified to test all irrigation backflow devices. A few municipalities in Western Pennsylvania require that irrigation backflow devices be tested annually. You don't have to worry about this when you trust our professional irrigation team!

Are you ready for greener grass and healthier plants?

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